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Why Metal

Metal roofing is a beautiful, economical long-term solution for home and businesses. 

Valspar weather xl

Designed for strength and ease of installation, this metal roofing panel serves as the most economical and commonly used roofing solution.

Available in all colors and acrylic coated Galvalume

36" Net Coverage

29 or 26 Gauge




A metal roofing system offers unmatched durability, lasting 2 to 3 times longer.


Metal roofing costs are comparable to high quality shingle costs. However, the lifespan and warranty of the metal roof make it a better value.

Consider the energy savings and cost to the environment as well. 


Metallic coating prevents rust from forming and is bonded to the steel at the factory. Paint is then applied over the metallic coating to provide the long-lasting color homeowners desire. 

Gadsden Metal Roofing Mfg & Sales LLC 

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Gadsden, AL 35901

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